Thursday, March 26, 2009


How's that for a contest prize? :) Cute, huh? :)
OKAY! Since some of you follow this blog and would check here faster than my Contest page, I'm listing my new CONTEST INFO here! :) Really, I'm pasting the same info I sent to my web designer :), and while I'll leave this post up for a few days, the Contest Page will have the same info until the end of the contest! :) So make sure and check it out! Also (in a day or two!) check out my News Page, with updated appearance info! Until then...
HAPPY SPRING, Everyone! Finally, the new contest information is here! Whenever I think of Spring, I ALWAYS think of that scene in Walt Disney's Bambi, where everything is so fresh and new and...SPRINGY, with that cute little music! I love it! Flowers blooming, dew everywhere, afternoon rain showers, and love is in the air! Thumper finds a girl, Bambi finds a girl, Flower Flower a boy or a girl? LOL! You get the picture! Flower finds LOVE!

So! In honor of Springtime and Love, I'm running a contest where YOU will name my next hero/heroine's BEST FRIEND (who may possibly wind up becoming a main character somewhere down the road!)! Here are the rules: Each contestant will enter ONLY ONCE both a male and female name. If there is a meaning behind the name, share it with me! If it's a family/generation thing, share that, too! The contest will run through April 30th, and on MAY 1st I will announce FIRST on my blog, then here, the name of the winner AND the names chosen. The book the names will appear in will be a 2010 release ( because Thirteen Chances is finished!), and the winner's name will be listed on the Acknowledgements Page! The winner will also recieve a signed copy of the book, as well as the lovely prizes shown above: a tea-for-one set including 1 teapot with lid, and 1 cup in a cute Freesia print; 1 box of 19-count GODIVA chocolates; and a tin of Harney & Sons tea, with 20 sachets of Citron Green tea. !!! Plus some promotional material (bookmarks, magnets, etc.) WOW! Cool, huh? :) Now--the prizes above, as well as promo material will be awarded immediately. The signed book, of course, will be in 2010!

Remember: You may enter one male name AND one female name, in ONE email, ONLY ONCE. Please send entries to with the subject line: SPRING CONTEST.

AND...MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the end of the contest and be sure and check if you're the winner! I've had winners in the past not respond to my winning email announcement, had a faulty email address, and/or never checked back with my blog/contest page. YIKES! I will send an email, but check my sites, as well. Just to be safe!

Thank you for your readership, and thanks for entering! GOOD LUCK! And I look forward to your names!!!


  1. I've just sent my suggestions in.
    I love the prize and would love even more to win it, but we'll see. *g*
    I love that scene from Bambi, too. It's just so cute, I could watch it over and over again. It just makes me happy!

  2. Hi LisaK! That IS a great scene, isn't it? And you're right--it just makes me happy, too! That cute little rain-drop music, etc. I think I'm going to watch it again this weekend!

    Thanks for the entry, and the post!

  3. I'm glad that we finally have spring weather here in NY. I've never seen Bambi, I might have to rent it just for that scene. I sent in my name suggestions. But I'm sure whatever name you use will be great. Getting excited about the trip?!?!?!?!

  4. FUN contest and what an adorable prize!!

  5. Oooooo, Chocolate! Now that's what I'm talking about!

  6. Thanks for all the posts, guys! :) Yes, Jackieo! I'm totally excited about the trip! 8 more days until departure! :) And if you didn't sit down and watch Bambi, you must! It's such a sweet movie! :)

    Kim--I love that prize myself! That's what I do for Christmas and holidays, though--I get my family/friends things I like! Lol!

    Mrevelle--chocolate is fine ANYTIME! Lol!

    Good luck, and thanks for entering, guys!