Sunday, March 1, 2009


HEY! Because I had SO MANY wonderful entrants for my contest this month, I decided to choose TWO winners, and here they are:
Kathy Collupy, from Massachusetts, and Gina Johanson (not sure where Gina's from!) Email me at with a mailing address, purty please! Kathy, you've already given me yours, so thank you! :)
CONGRATULATIONS, guys! You've both won a signed copy of MacGowan's Ghost, some promo material (bookmarks, etc.), a tea cup with a box of specialty tea!
I'll have the winners announced on my Contest Page on my website soon.
Now...for those of you who entered...THANK YOU! I really appreciate your support!
And...the contests are NOT over! :) Keep checking my blog and Contest page. I'm cooking up a brand-new contest to post! I'm thinking along the lines of a Name That Character contest! So keep a look-out!
THANKS, guys! And congrats again!


  1. Big congrats Kathy and Gina!

    Cindy, I love Name the characters contest. They are always fun