Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ethan and Amelia!

Check out the wonderful surprise I recieved yesterday when I opened my reader email! 16 year old Alisa from Idaho created these after her mom gave Alisa the OK to read my books! She was inspired after reading HIGHLAND KNIGHT and is now Hooked on Highlanders! :) Aren't these great? If you can enlarge the pic with Ethan and Amelia you'll find quotes from the book in the background. Too cool!!!
She is a fantastic sketch artist as well. Check out her art gallery!
Thanks, Alisa! This was a great surprise and I've got both printed out to save!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hey Everyone! How's the summer going for you all?
Well...Sept. 1st is the release date for my fifth novel, THIRTEEN CHANCES! And to celebrate the upcoming release I will be running a few simple contests. I am announcing it here first, followed by my Contest page on the website, .
All you have to do is send your name and city/state to, with the subject line: 13Chances. The first winner will be chosen August 3rd, and the prize: An ARC (advanced reader copy) of Thirteen Chances! Now--these ARCs are slightly unconventional. They are larger than book size--larger than my usual ARCs (the pink ones). These are bound copies my editor was kind enough to print up for me, and they're more like a bound manuscript, with a full color cover (as pictured above).
You can begin entering now!
And I hope everyone's enjoying their summer! I've been busy working on new project ideas, and will update you ASAP!!!!
Good luck!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Summertime!!!

How's this for a great picture? This is Kirsten, my Name that Character winner from The Netherlands! Isn't she gorgeous? She was kind enough to send me this pic with her prizes included, and permission to post her on my blog. She is super-nice and a wonderful reader! Thanks so much, Kirsten!!!!

So how is everyone's summertime going? It is HOT and MUGGY here on Georgia's coast! But fun! My daughter says I've been going down Memory Lane, because for the 4th of July we're doing everything I did as a kid. What fun memories they are! We're cooking out, making pulled pork bbq, potatoe salad, Brunswick Stew, boiled peanuts, shooting off fireworks, and making home-made peach ice cream! I think we'll wrap the night up by watching INDEPENDENCE DAY and THE SAND LOT!!!! :)

So what are YOU doing for the summer? :)

I'll post again later! MESSY HOUSE TO CLEAN!!!!