Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hey Everyone! How's the summer going for you all?
Well...Sept. 1st is the release date for my fifth novel, THIRTEEN CHANCES! And to celebrate the upcoming release I will be running a few simple contests. I am announcing it here first, followed by my Contest page on the website, .
All you have to do is send your name and city/state to, with the subject line: 13Chances. The first winner will be chosen August 3rd, and the prize: An ARC (advanced reader copy) of Thirteen Chances! Now--these ARCs are slightly unconventional. They are larger than book size--larger than my usual ARCs (the pink ones). These are bound copies my editor was kind enough to print up for me, and they're more like a bound manuscript, with a full color cover (as pictured above).
You can begin entering now!
And I hope everyone's enjoying their summer! I've been busy working on new project ideas, and will update you ASAP!!!!
Good luck!


  1. Sending name right in! I can't wait to get this book!! I've loved all your other books! You've got a follower for good!

  2. I'm absolutely with Gina here. Just sent my email. I never give up hope that someday I'll win something. ;)

  3. Aww, thanks guys! I'm hoping you really enjoy Thirteen Chances! Not to give anything away, but for those checking in on this blog who perhaps have not read my other books, you will MUCH MORE enjoy Thirteen Chances if you have! All of my past heroes/heroines make a large appearance. :)

    Thanks for posting guys! Ya'll are the best!

  4. Hey, was just stopping by. Entered the contest. ::fingers crossed::
    But also, I wanted to say that I am in Scotland, and it really is everything, and more, that you have described it as, both here in the blog and in your novels.
    I had spent two weeks in London before coming up to Edinburgh for 2 weeks. When we crossed the border, and you could start to see the foothills of the mountains, the view stole my breath, even from on the other side of some dirty train glass.
    Everything is so breathtaking, and laid back. It's like being home, in New Orleans, only with a sexy accent. Now all I need to be like one of your heroines is to find me a sexy highlander... ::now my toes are crossed::
    I just had a few questions that I figured you might know the answer to better than the reception desk:
    first of all, I remember you posting a picture of a field of heather. Well I would LOVE to find a field of heather to photograph, and was wondering where abouts the one you found was, because all I can seem to find is little bushels of heather.
    Also, I have a free weekend nest weekend (I'm here on a study abroad program) and I was hoping to get a suggestion of a place you would highly recommend seeing to someone who loves romantic scotland. We're staying in Edinburgh, like I said, but are also going to be visiting Stirling and Inverness.
    I would ask the reception, but being they are all males, I doubt they would really know what I was talking about if I asked for a place along the lines of the setting of MacGowan's Ghost...

  5. Hey Scotland traveler! Thanks for posting, and wow, GREAT! You're in the beloved Scotia! :) How about emailing me privately at!

    Boy, all that Scotland talk makes me want to go back RIGHT NOW! (minus the black eyes!)