Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Summertime!!!

How's this for a great picture? This is Kirsten, my Name that Character winner from The Netherlands! Isn't she gorgeous? She was kind enough to send me this pic with her prizes included, and permission to post her on my blog. She is super-nice and a wonderful reader! Thanks so much, Kirsten!!!!

So how is everyone's summertime going? It is HOT and MUGGY here on Georgia's coast! But fun! My daughter says I've been going down Memory Lane, because for the 4th of July we're doing everything I did as a kid. What fun memories they are! We're cooking out, making pulled pork bbq, potatoe salad, Brunswick Stew, boiled peanuts, shooting off fireworks, and making home-made peach ice cream! I think we'll wrap the night up by watching INDEPENDENCE DAY and THE SAND LOT!!!! :)

So what are YOU doing for the summer? :)

I'll post again later! MESSY HOUSE TO CLEAN!!!!


  1. Hi Cindy, good to see you again!

    It's muggy here in Bavaria, too, you know, hot but wet. Hate that. I had my hair straightened today (normally, it's strawy-curly) and then had to wait at the train station and, what can I say, of course it started to rain and my hair got all strawy and curly again. Aaaargh, hate that.

    Hm, I would go to the lake here if it didn't rain. However, it does rain. I hate that, too. Bah.

  2. Hi Cindy. Hope ya'll had a great 4th! We ended up sitting on the back deck watching some wonderful (and very illegal) fireworks from at least six of our neighbors. 360 degrees of entertainment! We also stayed with our own's best hamburgers, red skinned potatoe salad, my 44 caliber beans (lol), and, of course, boiled peanuts.

    For the rest of this summer we're putting together one last big family vacation before the daughter goes off to college. This one's going to be interesting since we're taking both dogs with us. Hopefully everything will go smoothly with no doggie drama!

  3. Hi, Cindy! Glad to know things are going well for you! When you get through cleaning your house, just come on up and clean MINE! :-) Shoot me an e-mail ... my old Mac died and I've lost a lot of my e-mail contacts.