Thursday, September 29, 2011

A short HELLO and FALL is almost HERE!!!

Hey Everyone! Just a short note here--I've been horrible at checking in and posting, especially since I haven't had a good ghostie romance released in some time. BUT....I will be posting more soon! I've sold a Young Adult Ghost Romance to Scholastic Books that I'm SO excited about, entitled FOREVERMORE. Haunted Scottish Castle. Spunky young violinist. Handsome young ghost. Love. Mystery. And all that jazz! This title releases next Fall, and I will be writing under Cindy Miles! I will have another Cindy Miles website, specifically for young adults, but I'll be keeping this one alive and well. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to work on a few more ghostly knights!

Here I am claiming the Highlands! I had a wonderful trip to Scotland with my daughter and a dear friend of mine, author Leah Marie Brown. I'll post more Scotland pics later. ON DEADLINE NOW FOR FOREVERMORE!!!!

Check back soon, I hope Fall has befallen everyone (my FAVE time of year!!!) and is enjoying ghosts, vibrant leaves, and chilly weather!!!! (not so much here in the South! Phooey!)