Monday, August 31, 2009


Although copies are already circulating through the stores, Thirteen Chances officially releases TOMORROW!
I've been giving away copies of Thirteen Chances throughout August, and I'm about to give away MORE!
Starting now, throughout Thursday evening, I will draw 2 names from the entries I already have from the previous drawings. ALSO...COME BY AND COMMENT HERE! Thurs evening I will pick TWO more names--of commenters to this blog. So come by and get the chance to win a book! :)
And thanks to all of my readers! I really appreciate all the support and wonderful emails you've sent!
Now, a little about the book (from book description at
Christian is a fierce Welsh Crusader who's vowed to wait for his true love, Emma, forever. Eight hundred years later, he's still walking the earth as a spirit, thanks to a mangled magic spell. Now, three witches are determined to bring Emma's and Christian's souls together for all eternity. But if they fail, Christian and Emma's love will be lost forever...
Christian is one of my favorite heroes yet. He is (in my opinion) JUST RIGHT! Chivalry mixed with the wisdom of someone who has seen and lived (or unlived!) it all, with a bit of modernism to keep things interesting. That poor guy has had to wait 72 years in between encounters with his true love, Emma, and then, after making her fall in love with him each time, watches her die. Sob! It's not until the Ballaster sisters--a foursome of white witches--vows to concoct the most chanciest of spells to bring these two souls together for all eternity. They've only got one chance left--the Thirteenth!
Amidst the wooing you'll find all of my previous heroes and heroines coming together for several chapters! It's always fun to bring boisterous ole Tristan back, and the modern world just hasn't been the same since the Munro clan gained mortality!
I hope you all enjoy this tale. It was, for me, a tale from the heart. :)
Now don't forget to stop by here between now and Thursday! I'll pick two names to recieve a book each!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Winner!

Congratulations, GINA, from SACRAMENTO, CA! You've won an advanced copy of Thirteen Chances!

One more week until RELEASE DAY!!!! I'll choose TWO winners this week, so if you've already entered, YOU'RE ENTERED. If not, drop me your name and city to with the subject line: 13CHANCES!

Thanks to everyone for their interest in my stories!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 3 of ARC contest!

Congrats, Shelly, from Houston, TX! You've won an advanced reader copy of Thirteen Chances!

Okay, guys--TWO more weeks of contesting left! If you've already entered, you're ENTERED for the next two weeks! I'll randomly draw a name next Monday, and the following Monday!

Thanks for entering!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

13Chances-Week 2 Winner Announced!

Hey Everyone! Thirteen Chances release date draws closer and closer! And here's Week #2's winner: Patty, from Mankato, MN!!! Congrats, Patty! I hope you enjoy!

I will draw another winner next Monday NIGHT (I will be out of town and wont return until then) for another Advanced copy of Thirteen Chances. If you've already sent your name in for an entry, you are ALREADY ELIGBLE to WIN! :)

Thanks, Everyone! And I hope you're enjoying this hot summer!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

First Winner Announced!!!

Hey! Congrats to Chelsea, from Meridian, MISSISSIPPI! You are the first winner of my Thirteen Chances contest!

Now--those who have already entered, no need to re-enter for the next ARC to give away. ALREADY ENTERED! I will select another name next Monday, AUG 10th. :) Check back here for winners! And remember--THIRTEEN CHANCES will be available on the shelves on September 1st!