Friday, March 20, 2009

Things I'm Doing

Lol! This pic has nothing to do with what I'm doing! I just love it! I LOVE Brendan as Link! :)

Okay! Just to get you all up to speed on what's coming next: Thirteen Chances is DONE! Hooray! I have only a final read of the copyedited manuscript, and then it's all in the hands of the marketing dept. at NAL. Release date is September 1st! This may be my favorite story to date. :)

My new contest! I'm working on the details today! I'll be uploading the details and a nice pic of the prizes onto my Contest page--that will take a day or two. But I'll also upload the details here. I think it's going to be FUN!

My Christmas Anthology: I'm writing that now, and am having fun already with Paige and Gabriel! :) I will turn it in the day before we leave for Scotland. :) Woohoo! The anthology releases this November!

My next project: Well...I can't give details exactly yet, since the idea hasn't been approved by my editor. But I will say this: my next hero is going to be Captain Justin Catesby. :) Woohooo! I had quite a few readers email to ask for his story, and so I'm doing it! :) He's one of my favorite characters, too. I'll keep you posted! The next book (after the Christmas Anthology) tentatively has a release date of May 2010. :)

Other projects: I've been working on a Young Adult for a while, so cross your fingers this one gets under way! I absolutely love it, and as fast as I can, I'll share the premise with you! :)

My Scotland trip: Boy! My daughter and I are so geared up for this! 21 days and counting until Departure Day! :) What fun! My daughter's never been before, and she is some kind of excited! :) We have day-trips to the Highlands planned, and besides boating Loch Ness, we are scheduled to make a few stops, including Kilchurn Castle, Doune Castle, and Stirling Castle. :) I can't wait to get there, wallow in all that ATMOSPHERE, gather some new inspiration, and take LOTS OF PICS!!! :) Oh--and eat some mouth-watering fish 'n chips! Deelish! I think we're going to take a bus out to the Borders one day. Melrose Abbey, Jedburgh Abbey, Dryburgh Abbey. Gorgeous! Here's a link for pics:

I'd REALLY love to train up the east coast to Dunnottar Castle: but unsure of time-tables and such. If I weren't such a CHICKEN when it came to driving over there, I'd rent a car. But I LOATHE driving over there! Not so much in the country, but in the city? EEEEK! Of course my overly-confident daughter Tyler says "Mom. Seriously. I'll drive. I'm not nervous like you are." SNORT! Cocky little kid! (she's 16 in May) Those roads are NARROW, and if any of you recall any of my heroines driving in my books, that came from ABSOLUTE experience! Bumper-eating sod and rock and ALL! LOL! But if we don't make it to Dunnottar, I'd like to visit Crichton Castle, just outside of Edinburgh. I'm hoping a bus will take us there! :)

We plan on returning to the UK when my daughter graduates highschool (in 2 years--SOB! My baby is getting OLD!) and taking a good 3 weeks to explore England, Wales, Scotland, and maybe Ireland, too. We'd love to take the Chunnel to Paris for the day, but we'll see about that. :) My daughter wants to be a wildlife researcher specializing in Whale Sharks, so I thought we'd spend the summer together before she (SOB!) leaves me for school!

In between ALL of that planning, writing, contesting, I'm also attending a few conferences this year, which I'll be posting on my Appearances section on the website. April 22-26 I'll be at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Orlando. In September I'll be at Dragon Con in Atlanta, and in October I'll be in Houston at the Buns and Roses Literacy Tea, followed by Georgia Romance Writers Moonlight and Magnolias Conference. :)

Somewhere in between all of THAT my baby sister is due to have her first BABY. EEEK!

Okay! That's it for now! I'll be posting later about the contest, and check the website for pics on the Contest Page!



  1. Oooh, Justin? Looking forward to that!

    I couldn't agree more about the driving thing. We rented a car in Ireland, and I thought we would die. Seriously. Watch out for the left turns. You keep wanting to go all the way across. I could almost hear those Irish thinking "Damn Americans".

    Have a blast in Scotland. I thought the Scots were the friendliest of all the people when we did our trip to England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales in 2007. We loved it.

  2. Oh, I can't wait for Justin's book, if I hadn't read the blurb for "MacGowan's Ghost" I first would have thought HE was the hero. I'm so curious who'll be his heroine.

    I'm really looking forward to the new contest and the upcoming books.
    Oh, and congrats on finishing "Thirteen Chances".

    Never been to the UK myself but I absolutely want to (after graduation, I want to become a translator for English - that should give me some help and cause going to England). You have to tell us EVERYTHING as soon as you're back!

    Good wished to your sister, as well.

  3. You know, I've encountered nothing but niceness in all the times I've been to the UK. :) I just love visiting! It's been since 2004, so I'm really anxious to see everything again!

    I knew you guys would love a Justin hero! :) I've had many comments about him. I admit, he's one of my favorites. :) As soon as I get approval I'll post a blurb! :)

    I promise to tell all once we return!

    And LisaK, thanks for the well-wishes for my baby sister! :) I had the last baby, and she's almost 16, so we're all really excited!

    Thanks for the posts, guys!

  4. When I started reading into Justin's character, I thought "what a great story he'd make"! Glad you already thought of it. Wow! I'd love to go to Scottland! My husband was stationed in Belgin and wants to take me over, so maybe some day down the road we'll do it. Have fun on all your conferences. I'm hoping to try to make at least one of the GRW meetings in the near future.