Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Jackman!

Who has seen AUSTRALIA? :) Good LAWD, that Hugh Jackman (and Nicole Kidman!) was fantastic! (and CUTE!) He's always been one of my favorites, but his Wolverine character has always been at the top. He's just so...GRRRR! :)
Did you see Kate and Leopold? :) LOVED Kate and Leopold! My daughter and I are now on an ennormous HJ kick, so we're watching them all. I really wish I could get a copy (in US format!) of Paperback Hero. THAT sounds FANTASTIC! :)
The Wolverine character will be revivied May 1st on the big screen, WOOHOOO! Here's the movie trailer! http://www.x-menorigins.com/ I can't WAIT! :)
More to come soon on my big character naming/spring contest!


  1. Oh, I LOVE Hugh Jackman! Do you know fellow writer Karen Hawkins? She's member of The Goddess Blogs which I visit daily, too (fun place to hang out, btw), and she's the biggest HJ fan alive. It's almost crazy. *g* There are countless stories about her having HJ as personal assistant or servant or something along the line... So everytime I hear about him or see him, I have to think of Ka-Hawk instead. She's spoiled him for me because immediately her face appears and I can't savor HIM anymore... ;)

    As for "Australia", no, I haven't seen the film. I so wanted to, but then I fell ill for several weeks and then it wouldn't be shown anymore. So when it first comes on TV, I'll be ready on the sofa!

    Can't wait for your contest!

  2. Lol, LisaK! I don't know Karen Hawkins personally, but I certainly know of her. I didn't know of her HJ obsession! She indeed has good taste then! :)

    But you've GOT to find a way to enjoy him without seeing her face! LOL!

    We loved Australia! And I'm sorry to hear you've been sick! You will indeed enjoy once you see it, and I bet you'll be able to watch Hugh without seeing poor Karen! :)

    thanks for the post!

  3. First I would like to say is that I LOVED "MacGowan's Ghost", and when I get a chance to get back to the bookstore I am going to snatch up all your other books.

    Second, I LOVE Hugh Jackman!!! I loved the movie "Kate and Leopold" I watch it every time I get a chance. I haven't seen "Australia" but I am going to get it ASAP on DVD. I can't wait to see the new X-Men movie, *sigh* wolverine has been my favorite character in the X-men comic books. LOL I am looking for a great Wallpaper for my computer of HJ.

    Can't wait for "Thirteen Chances",