Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day!

Isn't this a fantastic, moody picture? I took it in the Scottish Highlands in 1997!! Gosh, what a gorgeous place! I use this pic frequently to set my mood for writing, and I'll usually sticky-tac the original to my storyboard. :) MOODY MOODY MOODY!
So me and Daughter are on the Count-down until Scotland departure: 8 days!!!!! We're so excited! I can't wait to take pictures galore, then come back here and share them all with you! Not to mention I'll be picking up a few special gifts for my next contest, AFTER the Spring Contest is over. :) I have NO idea what yet--I'm hoping I'll see it and it strikes me! :)
I am busy working on my Christmas Anthology, A Christmas Spirit. I'm turning it in the day before we leave for Scotland. Wish me luck! I'm having a BALL with Gabe Munro! :)
Hope ya'll are enjoying the Spring!


  1. Hey Cindy, great photo! Absolutely beautiful! And I wish for many, many more after you've come back.

    I want to have a ball with Gabe Munro, too - what naughty picture is that, please???

    Oh my god, I see, my thoughts are wondering again. I need to stop! ;)

    Again, have a nice trip!

  2. I'm so jealous! Hope ya'll have a great and safe trip. Take lots and lots of photos!

  3. Haha, LisaK! Now I've got your comment stuck in my head as I finish up the anthology! LOL!

    And Mrevelle, I am LOADED with picture-taking STUFF for the trip! My digital with 2 pic cards, and (to my husband's horror) my FILM CAMERA. Yikes! :) It just takes great pics! Plus a camcorder.

    Total Tourists!!!! :)

    Thanks for the posts, guys! :)