Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hey Everyone! Here finally are the winners of my Blog Valentine's Day Contest and my Big Valentine's Day contest!

For the Blog: ABBERS! Congratulations! You've won a signed copy of MacGowan's Ghost and another of my releases, your choice! Or if you've already read MacGowan's Ghost, but prefer 2 of my others, just let me know! Send me your preferences, name and mailing address to: CONGRATS!

And for my Big Valentine's Day Contest! The winner is...Emmy Maguire! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You've won my big V-Day contest! Send me your mailing address to: . Humongous congrats!

Now don't ya'll forget--I still have my February Contest running for MacGowan's Ghost's release. If you haven't entered, go to my Contest page, follow the directions, and ENTER! :) I'll be running this contest through the end of the month! The winner will be listed on this blog, as well as my Contest Page.

CONGRATS AGAIN TO THE WINNERS! And thank ALL of you for playing along! I love hearing your favorite movies/quotes/scenes!


  1. Man! Lost again! :( LOL

    Anyways, congratulations to the winners!