Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy, Fun, and General Stuff!

Hey guys! Just checking in with a few things here: My fabulous editor has just finished the edits on Thirteen Chances (due to release in September). Hooray! They're to be finished and turned in by Feb. 23rd, so over the next week or so I'll be working on that, and I can't wait! I really had a lot of fun with this book. I won't give anything away right now, but here's just a tidbit: you'll get to revisit all of my previous heroes/heroines! I'll have more on that when it gets closer to release, and I'll soon be posting an excerpt on my website. Busy busy busy!

Also, MacGowan's Ghost has had great reviews so far! Double hooray! It is such an enormous sense of satisfaction when I know someone thoroughly enjoyed my story. Thanks to all of you!!!! Such great reader fans!

Here's some fun news: Me and my daughter are headed to....SCOTLAND in April!!! Whoop Whoop! She's never been before and is super excited (she's 15!). So we'll be digging around old castle ruins, abbeys, and stomping about in our Wellies while taking loads of pictures (and doing double-loads of research for future books!). I thought it'd be fun to have a neat contest, too, where the winner will win a Scottish Souvenir Basket! I'll get more details on that as the trip grows closer (April 9-16), and I'll post it on my website, so be on the look-out! This contest may involve a bit more than entering your name--but I promise, it'll be FUN!!!! :) *note castle on Thirteen Chances cover art is Dunnottar Castle--one of my most favorite! I hope to make it back to that one!*

Stuff: I'm dying to see TAKEN (thanks to my best Californy pal, Rita-Marie's recommendation!). And that Leonardo DiCaprio one, too. I can't recall the name of that one. But man, it looks good! I love his movies!!!!

We watched Ghost Hunters International tonight, which, to be honest, I prefer the original hunters Grant and Jay and the crew. But they weren't on tonight. :) So we went to see some spooky places in the Phillipines, as well as Slovenia. They visited Cachtise Castle, and if you've ever heard of Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess, this was one creepy place! She supposedly tortured/murdered 600 + girls to bathe in their blood with the belief that it kept her young-looking. EEEK! Here's a pic of Lizzy, and here's a piece of her story from Wikpedia:

More stuff: Have you ever tried those flat breads? After work this morning (still nursing!!!) I went grocery shopping and found them in lite Italian flavor, came home and made the BEST wraps with turkey, shredded lettuce, shredded cheeze, tomatoes, onions (pee-u!) sliced avacodoes, mushrooms (by now it's hard to even take a bite it's so big!) and topped with ceasar dressing. Yummy!
Okay! I'll shut down for now. I'll see ya'll later in the week, and I hope everyone's doing well!!!! And oooh, boy! Tomorrow is CSI night! :)


  1. Oh my, Cindy, I'm so looking forward to "Thirteen Chances". All of your previous heroes and heroines? How very cool. I think I'll reread all of your books in August so that I'm perfectly fit for the next one! ;)

    And a trip to Scotland, how won-da-ful! I've always wanted to go to England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland, and one day, I'll do that, I promise! And I always love to win something, just btw...
    And you have to post the pictures afterwards!

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I had been waiting for my pre-order copy of MacGowan's Ghost and I got a letter from the book club that I belong to today saying that its not in stock? I am VERY bummed, any other suggestions as to where I can order the book from??


  3. Hi Leanne :)

    Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders, my Publisher, Pengin--all of those are a source of ordering books. On my Books page you can follow the link with MacGowan's Ghost to order from Amazon. :)

    Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!

    And LisaK, I'm doing the edits for Thirteen Chances now and this is really a fun book! :) And you better believe I'll be posting pictures from Scotland! Woohooo! :)

    Thanks Guys!