Sunday, February 22, 2009


Travis Fimmel looks rather young here, (I'm not robbing the cradle TOO much--he was born in '79!) but I absolutely ADORE him in A&E's The Beast (along with kick-butt Patrick Swayze!)!! My LORDY, that Travis is cute! His character, Ellis Dove, is a deep-undercover cop, and he has that Billy-Bad-Butt attitude, like no one intimidates him, and nothing scares him. Like there's nothing he cannot do. Yet he also has a soft side--he is really protective of Patrick's character and looks up to him.


I've not been able to find much on Travis--including pics from The Beast. Hopefully, soon! He also played in a WB series, TARZAN--something else I can't find much on, other than YouTube. I think the production was stopped on that one, but if I can get ahold of what bit of the series was aired, I'll buy it! He's a fantastic actor who hides his sexy Australian accent pretty good. :) (that always fascinates me--the hiding of one's true accent!)

If you haven't watched an episode of The Beast, give it a go! It is PHENOMENAL! :)


  1. Oh, I'll definitely have to check this one out! Never heard of him before, but that's about to change, m'dears.

    Now, do you want to model your next hero after him? I think he's looking quite ... medieval? Knight-like? Warrior-y? *g*

  2. Wow! I'm with you, LisaK! He really is something else on The Beast! And he would definitely make a wonderful knight! :)

    He must stand in line, though. Hopefully (if I get my way!)Justin Catesby is next!

    THANK YOU for posting and flagging me to the non-working Blogger!