Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Congrats, ANGIE! You are the winner of the signed copy of MacGowan's Ghost! Email me at hauntedromances@yahoo.com with your full name and mailing address!

Not to worry, other commenters! I am having another drawing! And DON'T forget to check out the contest on my website, as well!

Okay, here's what we're going to do with this week's drawing: I like the quotes! Ya'll did a fantastic job of it last time! So comment on this blog, leave a favorite quote from a favorite character from any on my backlist, and next Monday I will announce a new winner! This time the winner will get a signed copy of MacGowan's Ghost AND another from my backlist, their choice!

So hurry and post!

And THANK YOU EVERYONE for playing along! Also...if you're new to my books and haven't read any yet, you can still play along! Just visit my Bookshelf on my website www.cindy-miles.com and you can read the excerpts/choose a quote!



  1. I loved "Into Thin Air"... One section I loved was when Christian tells Gawan to make the best of his situation. It is a long section but here is the part I liked best...
    "Methinks you'd do best by accepting what
    you are given, whether that be little or
    bountiful. Either way," he said, fading away,
    "'tis far more than a ghost shall endeavor
    to have."
    In light of your upcoming release, "Thirteen Chances", it seems he will be in for a surprise! ;) - Kala

  2. Yay Angie! Congratulations!

    And love your song choice -- it's my 10 year old's favorite at the moment. Sweet boy.


  3. Oh my, there are so many funny passages in your books, but it seems I can never recall where they are and how I can find them again. However, I loved when Mademoiselle Bedeau frightens off the Stovers in "MacGowan's Ghost":

    Out of nowhere, Mademoiselle Bedeau's lovely powdered-wig head began tumbling from the far end of the bar, rolled and rolled until it came to a halt directly in front of the Stovers. (...) With a sqeak, Mademoiselle's head turned and faced them both. "Oui, I would say that, indeed, this is the smoothest of mahogany. No need to refinish."

    Killigrew and Ramsey are one of my favourites, too. I loved that passage:

    "Bloody fools took to a duel-"
    "Aye, and over a lass,", said Ramsey.
    "I daresay she wasn't worth it," said Killigrew.
    They all laughed.
    Allie shook her head. "You shot each other?" she asked.
    Killigrew grinned. "While I, too, fell to my demise, I've no doubt, miss, that my aim hit its mark first."
    "My arse it did," said Ramsey.

    So, these are only two of all of the favourite passages I have. But please don't include me in the drawing, because I already have all of your books and my bookshelf is bursting at the seams already.

  4. Hi Cindy: I love the new website - it's awesome.

    I love in Spritied Away when the joust. One of my favorites is when Andi comes upon it the first time and not properly dressed and Tristian is the black knight:

    "Lucifer's tail, woman!" Tristan jumped from his horse. "What in the bloody fires of hell are you doing out here?" He looked down at her and his eyes sparked a dangerous gleam. They traveled, starting at her feet, and raked slowly upward. "Garbed like that?"

    I laugh each time only because I know something like that would happen to me.

  5. Thanks, guys, for the great posts and favorite quotes/passages! :) Ya'll are added to the Blog contest!

  6. Cindy, you have such a way with words. I thought these lines were so funny, and they made me wonder if you ever feel like this when you are writing.

    Highland Knight (Amelia) "Anything, she thought, to help her forget she'd lost her mojo.
    Writing mojo, that is. Gone, for nearly a year now. Her brain, a useless well of doggie doo doo." LOL :-)

  7. My favorite quotes come from Spirited Away. Andi and Kate are discussing Tristan, and have the following conversation:
    "He's not like other men."
    "Nay, you can't say too many modern-day chaps can measure up to that one," Kate said. "Or the whole lot of Dragonhawk's knights, for that matter. So what worries you?"
    Andi pushed the hair from her eyes. "You mean other than the fact that he's dead?"

    I just loved that exchange. I have one other one, too. So yummy.
    "I've waited more than seven centuries for you, Andrea Kinley Monroe." ... He stared, mesmerized by her almost-touch. "Christ, Andrea", he whispered. "I would give anything to taste you."

    I about melted into a big puddle of goo over that one.