Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog Contest!

Hey guys! Anyone interested in winning a signed copy of my February 3rd release, MacGowan's Ghost? :)
I will take comments on this post and the one below, through Monday, Jan. 26th. A random name will be chosen (only comment ONCE!!!!) and I will announce the winner Tuesday, Jan. 27th!
Hurry and comment!


  1. Well, Cindy, if you ask that way...

    I would indeed be delighted to win a signed copy of that sexy pink-red book - of course it's the colour that excites me, not the bare chested, ahem, muscular, ahem, well proportioned guy on the front.
    Of course not.
    I'm not some kind of gawker.
    Why would you even think that?

    No, honestly, I'm a faithful collector of your books and an equally faithful collector of books signed by the author, so I'd love to win one of those! The sexy guy's just the icing on the (beef-)cake (haha, a pun).

    Enough babbling now. I'm taking decidedly too much space here.

    Oh, and I'm the same Lisa as yesterday, I just named myself like in the old blog again. Just that you don't think you've got TWO funny Lisas here, ahmham...

    Oh my, that boast again...

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  3. Oh no, I'm sorry, I thought you should only comment on this one here once. Does that erase me from the drawing list?
    I'm stupid, I know, can't even read properly... :(

  4. Lol, Lisa! No problemo! Thank you for the very enthusiastic post, and you are the first entrant in my contest! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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  6. Hi Cindy,
    I just love the new website and there are some great classic's on your playlist. Hoping for a chance to win the autographed copy of MacGowan's Ghost(can't wait till it's released!!!!!) Thank's for the teaser copy. Angie:)

  7. Love the new site! Been waiting for the release of MacGowan's Ghost but wished it came out last week before my long boring plane trip (I was plastered up against the wall of a very tiny plane and those walls get ice cold at 30k feet! I needed something to keep me warm and your book would have done the trick!) Oh! I also took the plunge and joined both RWA and, most recently, GWA!

  8. I love the fun new look! Please enter me in the drawing. :-)

  9. I read Spirited Away and loved it. I'd love to win MacGowan's Ghost.