Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great News!

Hey Everyone! I just found out that we have sold German Foreign Rights for MACGOWAN'S GHOST! How cool is that? :) THANKS, GERMANY!!!!!

For those who may not know how it works, the book will be translated in German and given a new cover. Cool! As soon as I recieve the cover I'll post it! I'm anxious to see what they come up with. I love my present cover for it though! :)

Small update (since I'm so bad about jumping on here!): I am busy at work with not only Captain Justin Catesby's story, but a Young Adult novel as well. It's not sold yet but I plan on completeing the manuscript by September. Wish me luck!

I hope everyone's staying out of the heat (if you live in it!) and having a wonderful summer! I love the 4th of July--the whole Sandlot, fireworks, hotdogs, homemade icecream thing! But once it's over I'm then ready for FALL!!! :) It has been blazing hot here lately (Savannah, GA) but we get storms every evening and it seems to cool things off. My daughter and I set the tripod up last night and took some really cool pics after the storm, of the moon and weird clouds. I'll have to upload them and post! :)

ALSO! For those of you traveling or living in the Orlando, FL area, plan to stop by the Romance Writers of America Convention July 28th through the 31st. I will be there signing copies of THIRTEEN CHANCES at the big Books for Literacy Signing. Go here to check out details: http://www.rwa.com/

Okay! I miss all of you and hope you're all having a fab summer! Stay cool!


  1. Very cool news! Glad to know you are still alive and well!

  2. Thats awesome Cindy, congrats!

  3. Hi Cindy that is wonderful news!!!!!!!!! Big congrats honey woohooo! Oh I so wish I could come and meet you at RWA I had a better chance when it was scheduled for Nashville snifff maybe one year I will make it there. Have a great time!

  4. That's great! Can't wait for your new books to come out! Yeah, I wish I had known (but who could have?) that the conference was to be moved to Florida. I would have tried to make it there. BTW, my husband said he met you earlier this week at the hospital. (small world, isn't it?)

  5. Congrats, Cindy! Miss reading your books and your posts!

  6. Big congrats to you, Cindy! But why did they only sell MGG? I mean, I'm almost sure the other books (which technically play before MGG) aren't out here yet. Hm, strange thing.

    It's verra hot in here, but it has only been so for a few days now and I enjoy it (the sun, not the heat). I have to stay in the shadows (redhead -> light skin -> sunburn) but I like seeing how everything shines and blooms.

    Have a wonderful time enjoying your family life and writing wonderful books!