Monday, March 22, 2010

Breaking Benjamin

I LOVE Breaking Benjamin! Check them out! I think they're so COOL!!! And CUTE!!!! Their song I Will Not Bow is my ring tone, and I listen to them while writing my new stuff (OOPS! CLUE!) :) They're going to be in Atlanta in April. I think I wanna GO!!!! :) Do they sell hot dogs at concerts? Pretzels? The last concert I went to was Michael Jackson's THRILLER concert and lemme tell ya--that thing ROCKED! (I was in HIGH SCHOOL. EEK!) I don't remember hot dogs though. Hairspray. Lotsa lotsa hairspray. HA!
So Spring is trying to weedle its way into the coastal south, and we've had a few days of springish weather--complete with a dusting of YELLOW JUNK from the pine trees. Ah-CHEW! Allergy time! But yesterday it all faded away, back to gloomy, dark, and chilly willy. I worked on a new (ANOTHER!) young adult outline and finished it. I ADORE it and can't wait to start writing it! Believe it or not, it's a straight young adult/teen contemporary romance--no paranormal! WEIRD! I'll let you know how it all works out. :) This one's set in North Carolina's Outer Banks, and I'd like to go there this summer. We'll see!
So did anyone see Gerry Butler's new movie? Bounty Hunter? I have not but it looks fun! I'm still reeling from Wolfman and Shutter Island--man, those were fantastic!!! I love Leo! He has another movie coming out that looks pretty awesome, in July I think. Gotta check it out!
Alrightythen! :) Off to do a little writing! I hope you all have a great week!!!


  1. Cindy,
    I love Breaking Benjamin too!! My favorite song right now is Diary Of Jane, but I love them all. I have there albums. I have all your books, and I'm re-reading them actually. On MacGowan's Ghost now, tis my fav!! Keep up the great work girl, love it all!!


  2. I haven't seen the movie but it looks really good! We don't go to the movies very often!

  3. I love them all, Holly! Ben is a fantastic lead and the others rock! :) Love Ben's voice!!!

    And thanks for reading my books! I hope you enjoyed MacGowan's Ghost! :)

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