Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How big is YOUR stack?

Lol! Get your minds out of the gutter! I'm talkin' about your TBR stack! Well...this isn't exactly MY stack. Mine is double that! Two big fat tall, teetering piles of fabuloso books to be read! They all look so darn good and junk! (this is totally random, but have you seen that Pot Hole commercial? The pot hole is a southern belle with a TWANG and JUNK--lol!) Anyway.
I think I have started nearly every book in my two TBR piles, but something always drags me away, and I haven't finished one of them yet! Including SHUTTER ISLAND--and it is DARN GOOD! I'd told my pal Kim Lenox about it, and that Stinker has already finished it! (I'm shaking my fist at you, Kimbo) But where do you find the time to read?
I swear, time DRAGGED by when I was a kid. It took FOREVER for Christmas to roll around, and summertime lasted a lifetime. Now....ZIP! It all flies by! BOOHOOO!
Okay! What's on your TBR pile? Here's just the top of mine:
Shutter Island
The Shining (again! I have read this one, but it's GOOD!)
Sunrise Song (again--one of my favorite Kathleen Eagle books!)
The Ghost Huntress
At Dawn We Slept (Pearl Harbor)
So...what's in YOUR stack??? :)


  1. Phffff, I first read "How big is your sack?". "Sack" being German for ... well, balls, cough cough...

    I can totally see my TBR pile from here so I'll just write it down:

    The Untamed Bride by Stephanie Laurens

    The two stories that aren't yours in A Highlander Christmas

    A Courtesan's Scandal by Julia London

    Captive of Sin by Anna Campbell

    The Most Wicked of Sins by Kathryn Caskie

    Wicked All Day by Liz Carlyle

    To Catch A Bride by Anne Gracie


    Storm of Visions and Storm of Shadows, both by la Dodd.

    Wow, now that's an even bigger stack than I'd realized!

  2. Funny you should ask! I was driving home from work last night JUST THINKING about my TBR pile and I noted that there were some of your books in there (would that be TBRR -- to be RE-read...? Haha!)when it occurred to me that I hadn't been to a bookstore in a while to see if there were any new books from you on the shelves! Now I see that I'm TWO BEHIND!! Oh my goodness! So NOW my TBR stack looks like THIS:

    Thirteen Chances by, well, you.

    A Highlander Christmas, by, erm, you again.

    New Moon à la Stephenie Meyer (Gotta re-read before it comes out in theaters! Arg!!)

    A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris (I'm totally into the Sookie Stackhouse novels... not so much the show True Blood :-P Anywho, I'm waiting for the new book to come out so I'm reading her collection of short stories in the meantime)

    And that's that!

  3. Most of my TBR books are re-reads.

    New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (have to prepare for the movie!)

    Another Chance to Dream by Lynn Kurland

    This is all I ask by Lynn Kurland

    Thirteen Chances by you (I just read it once.)

    And a couple of others. Time is just not on my side..


  4. Honey, are you kidding me? Did you see me with my sacks of books I won/bought at the conference? LOL I don't even have shelf space for them yet! I have books scattered all over the house and at my office that are on my "pile" to read. Here are some that I have handy:

    Break Inot Fiction (Buckham and Love)
    Frenchman's Creek (DuMaurier)
    Body Moves (Bond)
    Moon Fever (Sizemore/Shayne)
    Prime Time (Ryan)
    Wild Magic (Dacela)
    Phantom in the Night (Kenyon/Love - have a bunch of her books in the pile)
    Highland Dragon (Killion)
    Vampire Seduction (Raven Hart)
    Once Bitten (Price)

    and the list goes on...And that's just the top of one bag of books!

  5. "Oh no, your tire's all flat and junk!" I quote it ALL THE TIME! people think I'm crazy, but I think it's hilarious every time I see it. ANd the baby e*trade commercials.
    Anyway, TBR:
    Blood & Roses (helen castor...It's actually for class, so that's at the top)
    Let the Right One In (john ajvide lindqvist)
    Deja Dead (kathy reichs)
    Tender is the Night (f. scott fitzgerald)
    A Highland Christmas (...you)
    The Painted Veil (w. somerset maugham) (I've been reading that for about three or so years now...)
    ps... I want to name my child somerset
    and about 5-6 steampunk books

  6. Well My TBR Stack is beyond large. So much so that I can't keep it in a stack anymore, it has its own shelf...ok so two shelves, but come on who's counting?
    Since you only named 8, I'll type up the first 8 I see, there are 146 all together (I just counted them).

    Bending the Rules ~ Susan Anderson

    Poison ~ Chris Wooding

    The Untamed Bride ~ Stephanie Laurens

    The Virgin's Secret ~ Victoria Alexander

    Possessed By the Highlander ~ Terri Brisbin

    Open Season ~ C.J. Box

    Season of the Witch ~ Natasha Mostert

    Temptation Ridge ~ Robyn Carr

    So those are the first 8 books I saw when I looked at the 2 shelves. Hopefully I get to read them all soon. LOL I also have a wish list that has well over 500 books on it, but I can only buy a few a month. :-)

  7. I'm a total book addict and my stack is HUGE. Here are a few titles from my TBR pile:

    Delicious AND Not Quite A Husband (Sherry Thomas)
    Goddess of the Hunt (Tessa Dare)
    The Fire King (Marjorie M Liu)
    Ashes of Midnight (Lara Adrian)
    Highland Scoundral (Monica McCarty)
    Renegade (Sarah Parr)
    To Tempt A Knight (Gerri Russell)
    Royal Blood (Rona Sharon)
    The Third Circle (Amanda Quick)
    Sirens Secret (Trish Albright)

  8. Between my love of scrapbooking, both traditional and digital, plus trying to finish projects…I still try to get as many books read as I can. Here are some of the titles from my TBR pile:

    Macgowan's Ghost ~ you
    A Highlander Christmas – you, Dawn Halliday, Sophie Renwick
    Thirteen Chances ~ you again
    Unhallowed Ground ~ Heather Graham
    Tumbling Through Time ~ Gwyn Cready
    The Bone Garden ~ Tess Gerritsen
    The Rose Labyrinth ~ Titania Hardie
    The Little Book ~ Selden Edwards
    Vision in White (#1 in the Bride Quartet) ~ Nora Roberts (I will not read them until all 4 books are out)

    And I just ordered:
    Home in Time for Christmas ~ Heather Graham


  9. WOW! All great titles, girls!!! Here's to US getting to the BOTTOM of our STACKS!!! Lol!