Friday, May 22, 2009

Rainy Day in Savannah!

Well I've tried to upload a great rainy-day pic of Savannah, but Blogger is being DIFFICULT! How's everyone's May going? It has been raining here for at least a week, and we had a cold snap a few days back. All GREAT for me! I love rainy days! Not easy to grill weenies and burgers in the rain, though (for Memorial Day!).
So do any of you have MD plans? Me and my daughter are headed down to Florida (where it's raining!) to visit my mom, dad, sisters, and bro-in-laws! Baby sis is PREGGO--the first baby since MY baby Tyler--and that was 16 years ago! YIKES! So we are very excited to have a new little baby in the family! :) I'm ready to go spoil that kid sister ROTTEN! :)
And I just recently bought a fantastic new SLR digital camera--Nikon. It takes GREAT pics, and boy--I wish I'd had it when in Scotland! Well--maybe it's a good thing I didn't have it, or it'd be smashed like my other digital from The Fall! YIKES!
Okay--check back here on June 1st where I'll announce the winner of the Shadow Guard/Scotland Contest! :) And if you haven't entered, HURRY! Go to my Contest page, or send an email, subject line: Shadow Guard/Scotland, to and give your name and location (city/state/country). :)
Thanks, and have a great Memorial Day!!!!


  1. Hey Cindy, no MD here but we had a holiday on Thursday and I'll have a two-week-brake from school in one week. I'm going to visit my grandparents and I'm soooo happy!

    I like rainy days, too, but sometimes I find them very depressing - depends on my general mood.

    And I think I've already congratulated you and your sister because of the new baby, but hey, one can't be happy enough about that! Big Congrats again! I hope it will be healthy and cute!

  2. Congrats on the new arrival in your family! It's always fun to visit, spoil, and fuss over a new baby...then leave knowing that you don't have to worry about dirty diapers! LOL

    This Memorial Day, we're going to have a fish fry, chicken smoking, famous baked bean bake, potatoe salad tossing cook out with a couple of close friends. It's also the day before my hubby's birthday, so we'll be celebrating that along too! Hopefully, this wonderful "rainless" weather will last until tomorrow!

  3. It seems like it has been raining everywhere. I know we have had a lot of rain lately here in KY. To get my yard mowed I have been mowing puddles.